Give Us 30 Minutes a Day for the Next 30 Days and We'll Show You How to Find Your First Profitable Fix-and-Flip

(even if you're working a full time job)

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Tell us if this sounds familiar.

You're on your way home from work and you notice a new For Sale sign on your block.

It's that one house in the neighborhood that everyone knows. The eyesore.

The one with weeds waist high. Paint peeling off the siding. Gutters pulling away from the roof.

But it's on a great lot. In fact it's the biggest lot in the neighborhood.

You open up your favorite real estate app to look up the price of the home - $225K.

You're guessing this house needs around $75K of work.

And know what the one down the street sold for last month - $425K.

You do some quick math in your head. Gosh, someone could make a nice profit off that house.

A week later there's a sold sign on the home.

Two days after that there's a construction crew at the house.

And the house begins to transform.

45 days later there's a new For Sale sign on the house.

And shortly after it's sold.

You can't believe it. It sold for nearly $200K more than it was purchased for three months ago! Someone just made a lot of money.

You start kicking yourself.

I could have done that. It was right under my nose!

The profit from that sale would be more than my entire salary for the year.

Well, what if that someone could have been you?

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We are

Carrie and Eric Kimmell.

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We've flipped over 120 homes in the last 15 years all while building and running a multi-million dollar real estate brokerage and raising a family.

A couple years ago we made a major life pivot, moving across the country so we could further invest in our children, dreams, and future.

So we could step out of the trading time for money trap and live life on our terms.

And we want to show you how home flipping enabled us to do that. And how you can use home flipping to do that too.

That's why we're excited to introduce . . .

The 30 Day Find Your First Flip Challenge

The Proven Method to Find Your First Profitable Fix-and-Flip

(even if you're working a full time job)

What Will You Learn?

Exactly where and how to find your first profitable fix-and-flip

Different home flipping models explained (short term versus long term)

Our step-by-step process to identify potential projects and analyze prospective deals - all while minimizing risk and maximizing profit.

Discovering the ideal project type for your skill set

Creative financing options to get started

Four methods to find projects in your zip code including how to identify off market opportunities.

What a distressed property is (explained in easy to understand terms).

Where the opportunity points are within the foreclosure cycle

How to estimate a budget on potential fix-and-flip projects

What to look out for when evaluating a potential project

How to divide and conquer if you're working with a spouse or business partner or how to organize for efficiency if you're working solo.

How to structure your day so that you can get started while still working a full time job.

And a whole lot more . . .

How does The 30 Day Find Your First Flip Challenge Work?

Simple. The course is delivered via email.

You’ll get a simple daily email, every Monday through Friday spread over 6 weeks. (We give you weekends off for catch up and implementation).

Open the email, read the short, daily lesson and do the assignment in 30 minutes a day.

30 days later you will have the tools to identify potential fix-and-flip opportunities, evaluate and analyze prospective projects, and understand how to weigh the risks and rewards within a specific property.

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What is it costing you to NOT understand the fix-and-flip model?

So, let's be real with each other for a minute.

What's it costing you to NOT understand the fix-and-flip model of real estate investing?

Even if you only did one fix-and-flip you could bump your net worth significantly in a relatively short timeframe.

But what if you learned what we teach here and implented it over the course of the next 2 years, 5 years, 10 years, and beyond?

Now you would be building a real estate machine to provide longterm income, cash flow, and financial freedom.

We've seen profits anywhere from $20K to a massive $700K off one property.

So What's the Investment?

We've never publicly shared our home flipping know-how and experience in one place.

In fact, we've only shared a small fraction of this material with private clients whom we were engaged in active working relationships.

And we've already seen that understanding home flipping can produce generation changing wealth (especially when applied over time).

So at a bare minimum this program is worth at least $20K per year or $1667 per month.

And that's only if you implement a fraction of what we're going to teach you.

However, we're not going to charge you $20K per year or $1667 per month.

Because we know if you apply what's in here you can profoundly change your financial trajectory and we'll be able to help you more down the road.

Instead for this special enrollment period you can join The 30-Day Find Your First Flip Challenge for only $99.

So, let's help you Find Your First Flip.


The next challenge starts in...


Go through the program and if you're not wildly obsessed with it let us know within 30 days and we'll refund your full investment.

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